What is Salvation / what is to be Born Again?


Jesus says “If any man want to following me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me” Matthew 16:24

That is the requirements of becoming a truth Christian, a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Denying yourself

The world often teaches us to be ourselves. But “ourselves” are sinful in nature from the time we are born, hence the Bible says “ we are born into sin” Psalm 51:5.

Every child is prone to do something bad than good! You have to teach a child every good act or behavior but you don’t have to teach them bad things, they just catch them naturally. Things like foul language and even physical aggression.

So Jesus states that if new want to following him, first we have to deny yourself, your sinful nature and become born again, which is confessing with your mouth and believing with your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, not a meaningless utterance of words but you have to understand what you are saying and believe that he is Lord.

Repenting/take up your cross

You have to repent from your sins. You must be sorry enough to turn from every bad thing you have done, meaning that if you use foul language, drink alcohol, smoke, a woman beater, having sex before marriage, committing adultery then you have to stop doing such things, completely turn away from them. I know it is not easy but if you ask God to help you then he will help you.

Go to Church/Follow Him

The Bible says we must “not forsake the gathering of the saints”, Hebrews 10:25

Going to church will help you greatly in your new journey with Jesus. Not only will you not have the support that you need but you will learn new things from your Pastor and fellow Christians.

Gathering with the saints will help you even feel God’s presence more intensely because the word of God says, “When two or three are gathered in my name, then I am there with them”. Matthew 18:20.

When you are born again Jesus now lives in your heart so you will always have him with you at all the time, but gathering and worshiping with other saints excites God and you will feel his presents more intensely.

Salvation is an on going relationship with God, it is not a once off event in your life. You have to maintain your salvation with the help of God just as you have to maintain every other relationship in your live.

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